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Products with Purpose

Our goal for SUPERHIGH

was to bring sustainable style to the

fashion industry with products made from

recycled and/or organic fabrics & materials.

All designed and produced in the USA

with NO waste or pollutions.

We are a small business with over 25 years of experience in the apparel industry and knew there was a better, more sustainable way to produce quality goods locally!

Created to be classic in style with modern function and purpose.

SUPERHIGH is The Original 100% Sustainable Brand in the market

Naturally Made in the USA


Each hat uses 6 plastic water bottles

to recycle enough fabric for 1 hat.

We are here to spread Recycled Style and positivity through our sustainable products & motivational

messages- driven by our main hash tag, #ITSASTATEOFMIND


Our focus is upcycling and minimizing plastic waste by utilizing

recycled fabrics and natural materials. Our high quality products are cut & sewn

in California

and distributed directly to consumers via our

website - creating our tread lightly approach

on our environment.

SUPERHIGH is a brand with a soul, a Brand 

on a mission creating products with purpose.

We are proud to support Earth & Ocean friendly Non-Profit organizations and take pride participating in Ocean / Beach and Park clean ups. 

Thank you for supporting U.S. Made recycled products !

Do good, feel good :)

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